Coming and Going: Refugees in Madison 6/23/17

Resettlement Update

Earlier this week on World Refugee Day, June 20, JSS welcomed a new refugee family to Madison. One of our obligations as a resettlement agency is to provide a culturally appropriate meal upon arrival. The family, who are Iraqi but has been living in Turkey for 2.5 years since fleeing Iraq in 2014, has a friend in Madison. Our caseworkers connected with this friend as they prepared for the family’s arrival. One of our obligations at JSS is to have a culturally appropriate “proper meal” prepared upon arrival. But the friend said that the family had requested that the “proper meal” wait until their second day here because it would be late and they really missed pizza. So pizza it was. As the family settled into their new home in the United State, several pizzas were delivered. And we learned once again we often have much more in common with these newly arriving families than we would have imagined.

Just as this new family arrived one of our first families is saying goodbye. They have made great progress in integrating into American life with steady employment, attaining a driver’s license and buying a car and they are now moving to Kentucky where they have family. They look forward to raising their son, who is now 2, among extended family. All three of them came to the JSS office yesterday to say goodbye. They were immensely grateful for all our agency and community has done for them in their first months in the United States. The woman told us that she would never forget us.
Dawn Berney presented to about 250 people the Downtown Rotary Club on June 7th about the work that Jewish Social Services is doing in refugee resettlement. And you are welcome to join Rabbi Renee Bauer at Capital Lakes on Thursday, June 29th at 11:00 to hear her speak about our program.

Advocacy Update

On June 12 a second Federal Appeals Court ruled against President Trump’s revised travel ban. The Supreme Court will now decide whether to hear the case. For now, the Executive Order halting refugees from entering the United States and targeting travelers from six majority Muslim countries has been stayed. Because of this and the Omnibus Bill that continued funding for the refugee programs until the end of the fiscal year, JSS expects to meet its original goal of resettling 50 people this fiscal year.

By the end of September the President will make a determination of how many refugees will be allowed into the United States in the 2018 fiscal year. We need to continue to put pressure on our representatives and senators to support stable funding for the Office of Refugee Resettlement and to support a Presidential Determination of at least 75,000 refugees in FY 2018. Please take a moment to send this request to your representatives. Although the dates of the campaign to write to government officials has passed, it is still important to make your voices heard. We cannot welcome refugees to Madison and do the important work we are doing if there are no refugees entering the country.
In your comings and goings this week do take time to join us in supporting refugees and maintaining our long history of welcome in this country.
Shabbat Shalom and Hodesh Tov,
Rabbi Renee Bauer
Dawn Berney.

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