Refugee Resettlement Update 12/8/17

As the rabbi at Jewish Social Services I play many different roles including visiting homebound and ill members of the Jewish community. Last week, just days after our last refugee family had arrived in Madison I was visiting with a Jewish senior who had just moved into assisted living. As we sat together he shared with me part of his life story. He is a Holocaust survivor and had fled Poland and come the United States as a refugee. He told me about how Jewish Social Services in Pittsburgh had helped his family find an apartment and how the synagogue and the Jewish community helped his family build a new life after losing so much to the hands of the Nazis.
After this visit I returned back to the JSS. As I walked to my office, I overheard our refugee caseworkers discussing how they were going to find appropriate apartments to rent for the next two families who will arrive on December 13. I smiled. It is a different decade, there are different wars being waged and the religions and nationalities of those arriving at the shores of the United States are different, but the work is same and the Jewish communal response is the same. We continue to help meet the basic needs of newly arriving refugees as they begin to rebuild their lives.
In the coming days Jews all over the world will prepare for the upcoming holiday of Hanukkah. It is on Hanukkah that we celebrate the Maccabean triumph of religious freedom and we spend eight days increasing the light in our menorahs. Over the last months and weeks so many in our country and in the leadership of our country have cast doubt, fear and darkness over the plight of the millions of refugees. These refugees are seeking safety because they do not yet have the freedom we celebrate on Hanukkah. May the candles of Hanukkah shine brightly for justice and may we each take action that will illuminate global refugee crisis and counter the dark forces that are preventing so many in need from entering our country.
Here is a suggestion of 8 actions you can take to support refugees on each night of Hanukkah
Shabbat Shalom and an early Happy Hanukkah,
Rabbi Renee Bauer

Take Action

President Trump and his administration have engaged in systematic attacks against refugees, and we’re already seeing the painful human impact of these attacks. Trump’s historically low refugee cap, multiple refugee bans, and efforts to halt family reunification are hurting our families, our congregations, and our communities. Our capacity as a nation to welcome refugees is being threatened.
Take action today and tell Congress to oppose the administration’s multiple refugee bans and all-time low cap on refugee admissions.
*Please call 3 times to connect with your 2 Senators and 1 Representative

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