Volunteer Opportunities: Refugee Resettlement Program

Many people have been asking, “How can I  help?” We’ve put together a list of opportunities that will really have a significant impact on the lives of our new community members. Please take a look and contact Becca or Paul if you can help us.

We have four families in Madison already, and it now looks like there will be more on the way.With the newest executive order on hold, the State Department is actually picking up the pace of moving refugees to the United States. We need your help to be ready.

Transportation Management Volunteer Lead – help schedule rides and lessons about biking, bussing and walking in Madison


Housing Volunteer Lead – help to find affordable, safe apartments with access to public transportation and services


Employment/Education Volunteer Lead – help our families to find appropriate employment and education for long-term success


Please don’t forget that we still need you to advocate for refugees:

Call your legislators and let them know that you support refugee program and oppose the executive orders banning refugees. Go to www.rcusa.org/advocate-now  for information of how to advocate.

Thank you to everyone working with JSS and the new families and for making them feel welcome.

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