Development Associate

Jim brings over 20 years of experience working in the nonprofit social services sector to his role at JSS. He was formerly a psychiatric case manager at SOAR Case Management Services and Tellurian UCAN Inc., a clinical specialist on the Dane County Jail Mental Health Team for Journey Mental Health, and a treatment specialist at Oakhill Correctional Institution. Jim has also served as a behavioral health group facilitator for multiple programs.

Immediately before coming to JSS in 2015, Jim was a regional manager at ATTIC Correctional Services. He is very passionate about the work of JSS and is constantly moved by the beautiful things that the organization does to help improve the lives of people in our community.

One of Jim’s many hobbies is gardening. He created and maintains the beautiful garden in front of the Max Weinstein Jewish Community Center because he wants everyone who visits the building to be greeted by the comforting beauty of the plants.

Phone: (608) 334-5181