Jewish Social Services provides assistance to refugees and their families through a variety of services and resources to help them become self-sufficient and create a safe and stable life in the Dane County area.

Reception and Placement

JSS’ Reception and Placement (R&P) program is a 90-day intensive case management program that assists families and individuals who come through the US Refugee Admissions Program to resettle in the Madison area. Through this program, JSS works with several community partners to provide a fully furnished apartment, access to health care, public benefits and many other services in order to help newcomers settle into their new community. JSS has resettled families and individuals from Democratic Republic of Congo, Afghanistan and Syria among others.

Refugee Support Services

This case management and referral program is for individuals with refugee status within 5 years of arrival who are looking for assistance with employment and career advancement. This includes creating an employment plan and can include referrals for ESL or other programs, job search and placement, interview preparation or assistance with planning for an advanced degree.

Preferred Communities

This year-long, intensive case management program is for individuals with refugee status within 5 years of arrival, who are experiencing particular barriers to self-sufficiency. These barriers may be related to the following:
• Physical Health
• Social or Psychological Difficulties
• Survivor of Sexual/Gender Based Violence
• Survivor of Torture
• Minor
• Elderly
• HIV+

Immigration Legal Services

JSS is a Department of Justice recognized organization and can help individuals and families understand their immigration legal options through consultations. JSS helps people with refugee or asylee status to apply for adjustment of status (Green Card), family reunification, travel documents and citizenship. For low income clients, fee waivers and reductions are available for most services.

Update on Furniture and Household Items Donation

Thanks to all of those who donated furniture, clothing, and other goods to Open Doors for Refugees, there is no more space for donations at this time

Items that Open Doors for Refugees can use at the moment include: 

Woodman’s, Target, or Walmart gift cards so people can buy boots, shoes, and city bus passes. Thank you!